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  1. JMAG’s responses to user proposals

    Takashi Yamada, JSOL Corp.

    • Model-Based Design Meets FEA Simulation – Improving Motor Control Development using High Fidelity Motor Models

      Tony Lennon, The MathWorks, Inc.

    • Development of JMAG for Model Based Design

      Hiroyuki Sano, JSOL Corp.

    • Study on Robust Optimization Method for Cogging Torque Reduction Accounting for Manufacturing Errors of the Motor

      Tomoya Uchimura, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

    • Improvement of analysis operation using multi-case parallel calculation

      Yoshiyasu Shibayama, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

    • Tips and Suggestions for Using JMAG

      Hiroyuki Sano, JSOL Corp.

      • Examination to Enhance Efficiency of Axial Gap Motors

        Masatsugu Takemoto, Hokkaido University

      • Research on an integration motor to achieve high efficiency and high torque density

        Kan Akatsu, Shibaura Institute of Technology

      • Verification by impedance measurement and analysis of large capacity synchronous motor


      • JMAG’s responses to user proposals

        Takashi Yamada, JSOL Corp.

        • Simulating a motor hardware using an HIL system

          Ken Sieber, National Instruments Japan

        • Model-Base Virtual Verification Method With Advanced PCB Simulation Technics

          Masanari Ueda, Mentor Graphics Japan Co., Ltd.

        • Using JMAG to simulate control of a brushless flux-switching rotating machine

          James Nicholls, Technelec Ltd

        • Opening remarks, POWERSYS

          Vincent CAPRON, CTO

          • JMAG: Recent developments and roadmap

            Takashi Yamada, JSOL Corp.

            • Customer case: Computation of no-loadtorque for slotlessmachine withnon-cylindricalairgap

              Eduardo E. Montalvo-Ortiz, POWERSYS USA

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