[RTML-005] PMSM/IPM Constant rating 1000(W)

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RTT file Simulink sample Circuit

Simulink Logic models included from JMAG-Designer Ver.19.0 are also supported.

Features and principal use

Square, Power source for compact air conditioner compressors etc.

Geometry display on JMAG-Express

Geometry display on JMAG-Express

Result display on JMAG-RT Viewer Type3

Result display on JMAG-RT Viewer Type3


Model 1k_S_C_I-
Model name PMSM
Max. Power 1(kW)
Voltage/Current DC100(V)/20(A)
Number of Poles 4
Number of Slots 6
Number of Phases 3
Rotor IPM
Stator (Outside Diameter) 54(mm)
Stator (Inside Diameter) 27.5(mm)
Stator Concentrated winding
Number of Turns 46
Height 80(mm)
Magnet Neodymium sintered
Inertia Moment 2.56e-5(kg·m^2)
Mass 1.44(kg)
Max. Current 28.3(Apeak)

Calculation results of JMAG-Designer

Average torque(N·m) 3.6(N·m)
Ld 3.25(mH)
Lq 4.64(mH)
Inductance 2.98(mH)
Torque constant 0.128(N·m/A)

Calculation condition of efficiency map using JMAG-RT Viewer
Motor Control

Max.Speed 7000(r/min)
Control Type Max. Power


Max.Voltage 100(V)
Max.Current 28.3(Apeak)
Efficiency Operating range
not less than 90% 37.9(%)
not less than 80% 65.1(%)
not less than 70% 78.9(%)
not less than 60% 84.8(%)
not less than 50% 88.2(%)

* Iron Loss is accounted.

How to use RTT file

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