Magnet temperature analysis and prototype verification in permanent magnet synchronous motor

Ken Takeda


In general, in order to improve the thermal performance, Dy or Tb added Nd magnet is used for the EV and HV traction motor for. However, since the production sites of such heavy rare earth are unevenly distributed, resource supply risk can arise; and this is also a factor contributing to magnet cost increase. Therefore, in the EV and HV traction motor, low Hcj magnet with less heavy rare earth is beginning to be used by the development of techniques such as magnet cooling and control of demagnetizing field. In order to carry out these studies, it is important to accurately calculate the magnet temperature and to understand the cause of the magnet temperature rise. This paper presents one method to simulate magnet temperature using MILS(Model In the
Loop Simulation), JMAG losses analysis and JMAG thermal analysis, and also describes the prototype verification.

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