IPM Motor

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    222 – Irreversible Thermal Demagnetization Analysis of Incompletely Magnetized Magnets

    In this example, analysis is performed while varying the temperature of magnetized magnets, and then the influence on the torque waveform and magnetic flux density distribution is…

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    214 – Monitoring the Radial Force Acting on the Teeth of IPM Motors Using Circuit Control Simulation

    In this example, an IPM motor as a JMAG-RT model is captured in a control/circuit simulator, and radial forces acting on the teeth during motor driving is monitored while changing…

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    225 – Induced Voltage Analysis of Memory Motor using Variable Magnetized Magnet

    In this example, the change in motor characteristics are checked as the memory motor variable magnet magnetization is changed using the three-phase coil current. One example of mo…

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    200 – Iron Loss Analysis of IPM Motor using Hysteresis Model

    Therefore, in this case study, a hysteresis model accounting for minor loops of the direct current bias magnetism and the lamination analysis function accounting for eddy current …

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    142 – Press Fit Analysis of a Divided Core

    OverviewSmaller size and higher output are being demanded of the motors used for applications such as air conditioning compressors. One production technique for achieving this is …

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    240 – N-T Characteristic Analysis of an IPM using PAM drive

    In this example, we introduce the case study that evaluate of IPM motor using PAM drive.

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    239 – Fault Analysis in an IPM Motor

    In this example, we introduce the case study that simulate the fault of an IPM motor using JMAG-RT. The fault simulated in this case study is an open circuit fault which is caused…

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    237 – AC Loss Analysis of an IPM Motor

    In this example, we introduce the case study that evaluates AC losses in coils of an IPM motor.

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    223 – Multi-Objective Optimization of IPM Motors Considering Stress at High Rotation

    In this example, a case is introduced where multi-objective optimization is performed using a stress objective function, from a centrifugal force at high rotation (10,000 r/min), …

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    215 – Simulation of IPM Motor with Delta Connection Using Control Simulator and JMAG-RT

    In this example, the control and circuit simulator have been incorporated as a JMAG-RT model, and the cyclic current the IPM motor.is monitored.

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    211 – IPM Motor Wire Joule Loss Analysis

    In this example, evaluation of coil joule loss that includes eddy currents during motor rotation is introduced here.

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    205 – Analysis of IPM Motor Characteristics using Thermal Equivalent Circuit

    OverviewTo realize high output and efficiency in a motor, it will be important to understand temperature increase in each part of the motor. This is because coil resistance and ma…

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    194 – Analysis of High-Speed Rotation Motors Accounting for Eddy Current

    OverviewPM synchronous motors are used in HEV drives, air conditioner compressors, and various other industries. Especially in case of PM synchronous motors for HEV drives, high-s…

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    188 – Thermal Demagnetization Analysis of IPM Motors Accounting for Coercive Force Distribution of Magnets

    OverviewThe purpose of this Application Note is to help JMAG users understand the steps and settings used in a JMAG analysis. It is intended to help those who are working with a n…

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    173 – Basic Characteristic Analysis of an IPM Motor

    OverviewDemand for higher efficiency and smaller size in motors has grown from the need to accommodate devices that incorporate miniaturization and energy efficiency in their desi…

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    165 – Creating an Efficiency Map for an IPM Motor

    OverviewFig. 1 shows the Speed-Torque curve, and fig. 2 shows the efficiency map.As seen in fig. 1, in the low speed region the torque becomes constant. This is due to the current…

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