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  1. [JFT059] How to Account for Harmonic Current (JMAG-RT)

    This document explains how to use harmonic current waveforms in magnetic field analyses when obtained from running circuit simulation using plant models (JMAG-RT models).

  2. [JFT080] Direct Coupling between MATLAB/Simulink and JMAG

    In this document, direct coupling between MATLAB/Simulink and JMAG is presented.

  3. [JFT068] Specifying Three-Phase Synchronous Motor dq Axis Current

    This document explains how to specify a dq axis current and drive a motor.

    • [JFT126] Vectorizing Signals in a Control Circuit (MUX, DEMUX)

      This document describes the methods for using a signal vectorization component (MUX) and vector disassembling component (DEMUX) in a control circuit.

      • [JFT133] System Loss Evaluations in System-Level Simulations

        This document describes the method to output an efficiency map / loss map obtained with JMAG and using a circuit simulation to comprehend drive cycle system loss.

      • [JFT147] Creating a Lookup Table Using Parametric Analysis

        This document explains how to run parametric analysis in JMAG-Designer and register it as a lookup table for MATLAB.

        • [JFT150] Running Calculations of Multiple Studies Connected on Circuits

          This documents explains the procedures on how to run analysis of multiple FEM analysis connected on circuits in JMAG-Designer.

          • [JFT154] Automatic Generation of Motor Thermal Analysis Model of Rotating Machine that Accounts for Cooling

            This document shows how to run scripts from a JMAG project file with any model to create a thermal analysis model with batch settings of circuit components and each thermal condit…

            • [JFT149] How to Create JMAG-RT Model with JMAG Designer and Run Consecutive Control Simulation

              This document explains the procedure on how to create a JMAG-RT model in JMAG-Designer and how to use the created model to run consecutive control simulation.

            • [JFT143] How to Run Control Simulations Using Only JMAG-RT and a Circuit

              This document describes the method for creating an integration study to run a control simulation in JMAG.

              • [JFT160] How to Run Parametric Analysis With Changes Made to the Number of Model Slots and Poles for Motor Thermal Analysis Accounting for Cooling

                This example describes how to run parametric analysis with changes made to the number of slots and the number of poles for a motor model that uses a thermal equivalent circuit.

                • [JFT158] Several Circuit Conversion Sets

                  This document explains the procedure on how to set the conversion of multiple circuits in a cage type induction motor model.

                  • [JFT071] Creating User-Defined Calculation Components

                    This document describes methods for creating user-defined calculation components.

                  • [JFT048] Brush / Commutator Component

                    In this document, how to use the Brush / Commutator component is described.

                    • [JFT069] Performing Harmonic Loss Calculations Accounting for Current Control with JMAG-Designer and JMAG-RT

                      In this document, how to calculate the harmonic loss of a current controlled (PWM controlled) PM motor at high speed using a JMAG-RT model is presented.

                    • [JFT134] Inheritance Between Current Waveform Studies

                      This document describes the method for setting a current waveform obtained from a 2D analysis to a 3D analysis automatically by using a post calculation script.

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