Transient Magnetic (3D)

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  1. 6 kW Axial Flux Motor Based on Soft Magnetic Composites for Hand Held Power Tools

    Cristofaro Pompermaier, Husqvarna Group

  2. Application Studies of the JMAG Optimization Function in the Design of Wristwatch Motors

    Reiko Kimura, Seiko Instruments Inc.

  3. Study on Iron-Loss Analysis Method under Distorted Sinusoidal Waveform Excitation

    Ryosuke Akaki,SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION / Katsuyuki Narita, JSOL Corp.

  4. Loss Analysis for a Reactor Using a Hysteresis Model

    Kouhei Ueda, Tabuchi Electric Co., Ltd.

  5. Enhanced 3D Finite Element Analysis of AC Losses in the End-Winding Structure of Bar Wound Windings

    David Philipp Morisco, Gasoline Systems Electrical Machines, Robert Bosch GmbH / Technical University of Ilmenau

  6. Loss Analysis of Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machines Considering In-Plane Eddy Current in Electrical Steel Sheets Using 3D Finite Element Method

    Hideki Ohguchi, Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd.

  7. New Technologies of Motors with Variable Machine Constants and Electronics Motor Systems for an Energy Saving and New Feature

    Kazuto Sakai, Toyo University

  8. Development of Thin and High Torque Axial Gap Motor Using Soft Magnetic Powder Cores

    Asako Watanabe, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.,

  9. From Customer Specification to Prototyping: Three-dimensional Finite Element Simulation for Axial Flux Machines Constructed from Soft Magnetic Composi…

    Steven Jordan, Höganäs AB

  10. [JFT033] Eccentricity Setting for Parallelly Moving the Motion Region Initial Location

    This document shows how to set the eccentricity to account for the moving part’s axis remaining parallel to the central axis while moving from the initial position and afterwards.

  11. [JFT034] Eccentricity Setting for Parallelly Offsetting the Rotation Axis

    This document shows setting to move the rotation axis in parallel.

  12. [JFT035] Eccentricity Setting for Inclining the Motion Region Axis

    This document shows setting to tilt the motion region axis.

  13. [JFT036] Eccentricity Setting for Inclining the Rotation Axis

    This document shows setting to tilt the rotation axis.

  14. Miniaturization and low noise Design of the transformer for train


  15. Examination to Enhance Efficiency of Axial Gap Motors

    Masatsugu Takemoto, Hokkaido University

  16. Verification by impedance measurement and analysis of large capacity synchronous motor


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