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  1. Multi-physics simulation between JMAG and Abaqus, and its applicability to three-field simulation of cell phone speaker acoustic response

    Brad Heers, Dassault Systemes SIMULIA

  2. Ideal to Electrical Implementation: SaberRD & JMAG-RT Case Study in a Motor Drive System

    Kurt Mueller, Synopsys, Inc.

  3. High fidelity HILS and RCP for motor control development

    Takashi Miyano, dSPACE Japan K.K.

  4. Design of Switched Reluctance Motor by JMAG for Automotive traction application

    Yusuke Makino, NIDEC CORPORATION

  5. Analysis of Permanent Magnet Eddy-current Loss Using JMAG-SuperExpress

    Shinsuke Kayano, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

  6. Characteristics Improvement of Skewed Permanent-magnet Motors

    Kenji Endo, SIM-Drive Corporation

  7. Attraction force analysis using remanent magnetization

    Yoshiaki Shinozaki, USUI KOKUSAI SANGYO KAISHA, LTD.

  8. Development of Advanced Keyless System Using Magnetic Field CAE

    Toshihide Yoshida, Mazda Motor Corporation

  9. Approach of electromagnetic-field analysis in digital AV equipment

    Hirotsugu Fusayasu, Panasonic Corporation

  10. Simulation of the IPM Motor in a HILS Environment

    Nobuyuki Suzuki, Toshiba Corporation

  11. Vibration Optimization of Concentrated Stator and IPM Rotor

    Alvin Lee, Emerson

  12. Development of Reduced Rare Earth Magnets by Partial Diffusion Method

    Masashi Inoue, Honda R&D Co.,Ltd.

  13. Evaluation of Different Electrical Steels and Iron Loss evaluation of inter-locks vs welds vs bonded lamination cores in IPM Hybrid Motor using JMAG.…

    Charles R. Frontczak, Tempel Steel Company

  14. Electromagnetic Field Analysis of the High-Speed Electric Motor Using the JMAG-GPU Solver


  15. Development of an Automation System for Preliminary Design of HEV and EV Motors

    Masahiro Aoyama, SUZUKI Motor Corporation

    • Case study of JMAG application at Mitsuba Corporation

      Ryuichi Takakusagi, Mitsuba Corporation

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