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  1. [JAC019] Analysis of the Centrifugal Force in an IPM motor

    This Application Note presents examples of cases that obtain changes and stress distribution from the centrifugal force in the rotor.

  2. [JAC023] Eccentricity Analysis of an IPM Motor

    This Application Note presents how to obtain variations in electromagnetic force according to changes in the amount of rotor eccentricity.

  3. [JAC037] Vector Control Analysis of an IPM Motor Using Control Simulator and the JMAG-RT

    The purpose of this Application Note is to demonstrate how to import a JMAG-RT model to a control/circuit simulator after using the JMAG-RT to obtain the inductance spatial harmon…

  4. [JAC058] Efficiency Analysis of an IPM Motor

    This Application Note presents the use of magnetic field analysis to obtain the efficiency of an IPM motor in each current phase with a rotation speed of 1800 rpm and the current …

  5. [JAC055] Integrated Magnetization Analysis of an IPM Motor

    This Application Note explains how to determine the changes that occur in a magnetizing field if the making current is changed during magnetization, as well as how to obtain the i…

  6. [JAC090] Analysis of the Effect of PWM on the Iron Loss of an IPM Motor

    This Application Note demonstrates a case study where the effects of a carrier harmonic against an IPM motor’s iron loss is confirmed using estimated harmonic current waveform as …

  7. [JAC069] Iron Loss Analysis of an IPM Motor

    This Application Note explains a case example that obtains the iron loss and its distribution in a permanent magnet motor.

  8. [JAC059] Iron Loss Analysis of an IPM Motor Accounting for a PWM -Direct Link-

    In this analysis, the iron losses of the IPM motor that accounts for the carrier harmonic are obtained by directly linking to a circuit/control simulator.

  9. [JAC122] Inductance Analysis of an IPM Motor -d/q-axis Inductance Obtained by Actual Measurement-

    This Application Note presents an analysis that obtains d/q-axis inductance in an IPM motor while assuming actual measurements in a stationary rotor.

  10. [JAC087] Iron Loss Analysis of an IPM Motor Including the Effect of Shrink Fitting

    This document will compare the results of iron loss accounting for only the size of stress, and iron loss accounting for changes in magnetic flux density over time for each princi…

  11. [JAC091] Iron Loss Analysis of an IPM Motor Including the Effects of the Press Fitting Stress

    This Application Note presents modeling the press fitting of a core and frame with the Press Fit condition and then obtaining the iron loss density of an IPM motor with and withou…

  12. [JAC131] Stray Capacitance Analysis of a Motor

    This note presents the use of analysis to obtain the stray capacitance between an IPM motor’s coil and stator core, between its rotor core and stator core, and between the inner a…

  13. [JAC157] Analysis of Eddy Currents in an IPM Motor Using the Gap Flux Boundary

    This Application Note explains how to use the gap flux boundary condition to evaluate the eddy current loss in the magnet by changing the number of magnet divisions. This will mak…

  14. [JAC156] Segregation Analysis of Torque Components for an IPM Motor

    In this Application Note, the torque components are separated and the magnetic flux density distributions created by each magnetomotive force are confirmed.

  15. [JAC173] Basic Characteristic Analysis of an IPM Motor

    This Application Note demonstrates an analysis in which an IPM motor's cogging torque, torque, magnetic flux density distribution, and iron loss in the stator core are obtained.

  16. [JAC188] Thermal Demagnetization Analysis of IPM Motors Accounting for Coercive Force Distribution of Magnets

    This example presents whether or not the demagnetization region can be smaller by assigning distribution to the coercive force of permanent magnets.

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