Vibration Analysis / Sound Pressure Analysis

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    254 – Vibration Analysis of Oil-Immersed Large Transformer

    This document introduces a case example of evaluating the vibrations of a large transformer. Parts that are usually the source of vibrations are the core, tank, and windings, but …

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    226 – Vibration Characteristics Analysis of SPM Motors

    In this example, the acceleration is evaluated by obtaining the electromagnetic force generated in the stator core of the SPM motor at multiple rotation speeds and coupling with t…

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    20 – Sound Pressure Analysis of an SPM Motor

    OverviewAs electric motors are becoming more common, motors which create less noise are in high demand. Sound can be divided into categories of electromagnetic noise, mechanical n…

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    251 – Vibration Analysis of an Alternator

    OverviewElectromagnetic force in the form of an electromagnetic excitation force acting on a motor or an alternator causes vibration and noise. Vibration and noise also are produc…

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    234 – Vibration Characteristics Analysis of an Induction Motor

    In this example, electromagnetic force generated in the induction motor stator core is obtained, and an example of evaluating sound pressure by linking it with the eigenmode of th…

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    184 – Reactor Sound Pressure Analysis taking Magnetostriction into Account

    OverviewReactors are used in all sorts of systems related to power systems. For example, they fill the role of making the current pulsation between an inverter and a motor smoothe…

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    138 – Vibration Analysis of an SR Motor

    OverviewThere are high hopes for SR motors to provide robustness and low cost, thanks to their relatively simple construction without permanent magnets. However, the large electro…

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    114 – Vibration Analysis of an Outer Rotor Motor

    OverviewAn outer rotor motor has a magnetic rotor that rotates around a stator. The rotor radius of an outer rotor motor is large, so it can produce a larger amount of drive torqu…

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    97 – Sound Pressure Analysis of a Transformer

    OverviewIn recent years, the demand to reduce vibration and noise is growing while the requirements for higher efficiency and smaller and lighter transformers grow with environmen…

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    4 – Sound Pressure Analysis of a Reactor

    OverviewReactors are used in a variety of electric power systems. For instance, they fill the role of making the current pulsation between an inverter and a motor more smooth. On …

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    9 – Sound Pressure Analysis of a Loudspeaker

    OverviewA loudspeaker produces sound when the voice coil makes the vibrator vibrate. The general requirement of the loudspeaker is to produce uniform sound over a wide range of th…

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