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  1. [L-MO-77]Motor Concept Design with JMAG-Express and JMAG-RT Viewer

    Within upstream system designs in a development process, elements that satisfy motor requirements are all roughly determined. This includes the rotor type, the number of poles, the number of slots, t…

    23 Jul 2018

  2. [L-MB-82]FEA Models to Plant Models within Short Time Periods

    In model-based development (MBD), plant models that can simulate actual machines at a high accuracy are required. For this reason, the use of plant models using FEA that are capable of extracting hig…

  3. [L-MB-79]Accounting for Circuit Coupling Functions with Control Systems

    In order to evaluate transitional response characteristics within magnetic design, there are situations where control systems must be accounted for, as well as basic characteristics. Within magnetic …

  4. [L-MB-55]High Fidelity Behavior Models Generation for Control/Circuit Simulation using JMAG-RT

    The electrification in the automotive industries produces many new components with the complicated circuit network. For example, the three phase motors have been commonly used in EV/HEV. However, due…

  5. [L-HU-43] Many Core Supported by Desktop Parallel Solver SMP

    As performance of desktop PCs has been greatly improving, PCs equipped with not only multi-core (4-8 core equipped CPUs) but with many cores (CPUs equipped with 10 or more cores) have been increasin…

    19 Jul 2018

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