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  1. [W-MO-24] Copper Loss Analysis of a Rotating Machine Using the Zooming Method

    In this paper, this method is applied to a copper loss characteristics analysis of wires in a 2D rotating machine as well as a loss analysis of litz wires in a 3D rotating machine…

  2. [W-MO-13] Evaluation of a 2D Brush Motor Analysis Accounting for 3D Geometry

    In this applied case, the structure of a 2D analysis model accounting for 3D geometry is evaluated through the comparison with a 3D analysis model. The modeling validity is proved…

  3. [W-HU-71] Notes on Performance Evaluation and Hardware Selection of JMAG Parallel Solver

    This document can be thought of as pointers and precautions for hardware selection and software operation.

  4. Analysis of Winding Losses of Shunt Reactor using “Zooming Analysis”


  5. 3D Magnetic Field Analysis of Large Power Transformer with Parallel Calculation Processing

    Hirokazu Hayashida, Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd.

  6. Application of Machine Learning and Enhanced 3D Modeling on HPC Systems for End-Winding AC Loss Model Identification

    David Philipp Morisco, Robert Bosch GmbH

  7. Analysis of LIM-type Eddy-Current Rail Brakes using Large Scale Model

    Hiroshi Yoda, Railway Technical Research Institute

  8. JMAG-RT Case Studies Using 3D Analysis

    Natsumi Tamura, Mitsuba Corporation

  9. [L-MO-09] Easily Creating Complex Coil Ends Geometry in a Template

    The introduction of square wire coils and higher motor speeds no longer allow coil AC losses to be ignored as a loss factor. Coil AC losses are caused by the skin effect and prox…

  10. [L-SE-81]Mesh Verifications at Higher Speeds

    The speed of JMAG mesh creation functions has been made even faster. With the new mesher, checking contact recognition and interference on free-form surfaces, etc., and pre-proces…

  11. [L-MU-07]Multiphysics Analysis by Linking with Specialized Tools

    Multiphysics analyses are effective for simultaneously evaluating and resolving issues such as structural intensity, heat generation, vibration, and noise issues at the magnet des…

  12. [L-HU-43] Many Core Supported by Desktop Parallel Solver SMP

    As performance of desktop PCs has been greatly improving, PCs equipped with not only multi-core (4-8 core equipped CPUs) but with many cores (CPUs equipped with 10 or more cores) …

  13. [JFT001] Path Creation Function and Sweep Function

    This document contains sample data and the operation procedures for learning how to use the sweep function.Sweep is a function to push out the cross-section geometry along a path.

  14. [JAC237] AC Loss Analysis of an IPM Motor

    In this example, we introduce the case study that evaluates AC losses in coils of an IPM motor.

  15. [JAC212] AC Loss Analysis of a Claw Pole Alternator

    In this example, we introduce the case study that evaluates AC losses in coils of claw pole alternator.

  16. Loss Distribution Analysis for 4-pole air Cooled Turbine Generator Using 3D Finite Element Method


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