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  1. 104 – Thrust Force Analysis of a Linear Induction Motor

    OverviewLinear motors are widely used for carrier devices and machine tools because of their high-speed performance, high acceleration and deceleration, and accurate positioning. One type of linear motor, the linear induction motor, can be construct…

    9 Mar 2009

  2. 25 – Analysis of a Claw Pole Alternator

    OverviewDemand for high fuel efficiency in vehicles has been growing every year, and auxiliary machines like power steering and coolant pumps have been switching to electrical operation to support those needs. This is why the amount of electrical po…

    12 Apr 2007

  3. 167 – Iron Loss Analysis of a Three Phase Induction Motor

    OverviewAn induction motor is a motor in which the rotating magnetic field of the stator coils causes induced current to flow in an auxiliary conductor, which produces force in the rotational direction.Induction motors are widely used in everything …

    24 Oct 2018

  4. 213 – Circuit/Control Simulation of a Wound-Field Synchronous Motor

    OverviewTraditionally, motor control design and motor design are often independent processes, with cooperative design being difficult. Meanwhile, for advanced motor control design, a plant model that is more detailed and behaves like the actual mach…

    9 Mar 2018

  5. 83 – Magnetic Shielding Analysis of an Induction Furnace

    OverviewAn induction furnace is an apparatus that uses high-frequency induction heating to melt metal. Running current through the coil surrounding the crucible starts electromagnetic induction phenomena, which generate current in the metal in the c…

    30 Jan 2009

  6. 253 – Analysis of an Induction Generator

    OverviewInduction machines are based on the double field revolving theory. An induction machine also operates using the principle of slip. Slip is defined as the difference between synchronous speed and operating speed where the synchronous speed is…

    15 May 2018

  7. 210 – Torque Decoupling of In-out Magnet Coupling

    OverviewMagnet coupling has two rotors, the driving side and the passive side. Unlike magnetic gears, the driving side and the passive side rotate synchronously. If torque exceeds the allowable torque, connection from the driving side to the passive…

    9 Mar 2018

  8. 72 – Analysis of Attractive Force between Steel Plates and a Magnet

    OverviewMany electronic products that have movers use the attractive force generated between magnets and magnetic materials. Even magnetic materials that are not magnetized themselves take on magnetic properties when in the vicinity of a magnet, gen…

    27 Nov 2008

  9. 251 – Vibration Analysis of an Alternator

    OverviewElectromagnetic force in the form of an electromagnetic excitation force acting on a motor or an alternator causes vibration and noise. Vibration and noise also are produced when this electromagnetic excitation force resonates with an eigenm…

    15 May 2018

  10. 165 – Creating an Efficiency Map for an IPM Motor

    OverviewFig. 1 shows the Speed-Torque curve, and fig. 2 shows the efficiency map.As seen in fig. 1, in the low speed region the torque becomes constant. This is due to the current controls. The torque also decreases as speed increases. This is becau…

    8 Mar 2018

  11. 193 – Calculation of Equivalent Circuit Parameters of Single-Phase Induction Motors

    OverviewSince single phase induction motors can be used with single-phase AC, which is common in general household power supply, it is widely used for electrical home and office appliances such as washers and fans as small power motors. However, unl…

    9 Mar 2018

  12. 199 – Efficiency Analysis of Wireless Power Transfer via Electromagnetic Induction Method using Resonance Circuits

    OverviewIn recent years, electromagnetic induction type transmission is considered for applied use in wireless power supply systems for electric vehicles (hereinafter, referred to as EV) and plug-in hybrid cars (hereinafter, referred to as PHEV), wh…

    9 Mar 2018

  13. 122 – Inductance Analysis of an IPM Motor -d/q-axis Inductance Obtained by Actual Measurement-

    OverviewEvaluating the inductance characteristics along the d/q-axis is important when analyzing the saliency of a rotor in an IPM motor. With actual measurements, it is possible to calculate the inductance in the d-axis and q-axis by measuring the …

    14 Apr 2009

  14. 252 – Shape Optimization of a Solenoid Valve

    OverviewFor the good functioning of a solenoid valve, we want that the solenoid valve is as responsive as possible to the opening and closing commands. For this, we want to optimize the rise time of the solenoid valve's mover.But at the same time we…

    15 May 2018

  15. 74 – Speed Versus Torque Analysis of a Single-Phase Induction Motor

    OverviewSingle-phase induction motors are widely used as small output motors for the drives in household electrical appliances and office machinery, like fans and washing machines, because they can use single-phase AC, the typical power source for h…

    14 Apr 2009

  16. 110 – Loss Analysis of a Choke Coil

    OverviewA choke coil is an electric component that is intended to filter high-frequency current. Measures to evaluate the heat source as well as the core iron losses that occur within the choke coil and the copper losses of the coil that decrease ef…

    14 Apr 2009

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