Eddy Current Analysis

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    218 – High-Frequency Induction Hardening Analysis Accounting for Deformation

    In this example, using the JMAG magnetic field - thermal stress coupled analysis function, analysis is performed evaluating gear deformation from induction heat hardening.

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    220 – Analysis of the High-Frequency Induction Hardening and Cooling of a Gear

    In this example, deals with induction heating and cooling analysis. An example is presented where the cooling rate for a gear differs depending on the cooling conditions.

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    224 – Wireless Power Transfer Device Stray Loss Analysis

    In this example, an example is presented investigating by using electromagnetic field analysis whether stray loss can be suppressed using an aluminum shield.

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    221 – Confirmation of the Influence in the Reduction of High-Frequency Resistance of a Magnetically Plated Wire Choke Coil

    In this example, high frequency resistance values are obtained from choke coil copper loss analysis results using JMAG’s layer coating mesh function, and the effectiveness of redu…

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    202 – Core Stray Loss Analysis of Power Transformer

    OverviewStray loss is mainly caused by leakage flux from winding, but structures closer to the winding will tend to be affected easier by leakage flux. The ratio of stray loss rel…

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    233 – Optimization Design for Induction Heating Coils

    In this example, the design of a coil used for the high-frequency induction hardening of gears is carried out using an optimization function.

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    228 – Thermal Analysis of an Induction Motor

    In this example, we evaluate the temperature distribution of an induction machine with a slip of 0.1.

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    211 – IPM Motor Wire Joule Loss Analysis

    In this example, evaluation of coil joule loss that includes eddy currents during motor rotation is introduced here.

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    209 – Magnetic Measurement Analysis Accounting for Eddy Currents

    OverviewMagnetic properties affect the performance of products composed of magnetic circuits using magnetic material. This requires that the magnetic properties are assessed accur…

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    208 – High Frequency Induction Hardening Analysis Accounting for Deformation (Abaqus Link)

    OverviewSince gears are products that demand mechanical intensity, high frequency induction hardening is run for surface heat treatment. Since induction hardening can rapidly heat…

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    194 – Analysis of High-Speed Rotation Motors Accounting for Eddy Current

    OverviewPM synchronous motors are used in HEV drives, air conditioner compressors, and various other industries. Especially in case of PM synchronous motors for HEV drives, high-s…

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    191 – Torque Analysis of Three-Phase Induction Motors Accounting for the Skew Using the Multi-slice Method

    OverviewAn induction motor can utilize skew easily because the cage is constructed by metallic casting such as die casting. When skew is applied, it arranges the variations in the…

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    186 – Gear Induction Hardening Analysis Using Two Frequencies

    OverviewGears are created in such a way that the surfaces of their teeth are hard in order to resist the wear and tear that occurs when they come into contact with the teeth of ot…

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    183 – Agitation Force Analysis of an Induction Furnace

    OverviewThe purpose of this Application Note is to help JMAG users understand the steps and settings used in a JMAG analysis. It is intended to help those who are working with a n…

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    173 – Basic Characteristic Analysis of an IPM Motor

    OverviewDemand for higher efficiency and smaller size in motors has grown from the need to accommodate devices that incorporate miniaturization and energy efficiency in their desi…

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    172 – High-Frequency Induction Heating Analysis of a Test Piece (Rotational Induction Hardening)

    OverviewMachine parts like shafts and gears are made to be resistant to wear and tear. This is accomplished by giving them a certain degree of flexibility by maintaining their int…

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