IDAJ Conference Online 2022 in Shanghai

We are pleased to announce the JMAG Users Conference in China.


Organizer IDAJ-China Co.,LTD.
Dates Nov 30-Dec 2, 2022
Location Online (Shanghai)
URL (Chinese Only)
Program (Japanese only)

Reference material for JSOL presentation materials

Bharadwaj Raghuraman, Shafigh Nategh, Topology Optimization of Electric Machines for E-mobility Applications, JMAG Users Conference 2021
This presentation demonstrates the electrical machine design process using both the parametric and topology optimization methods for e-mobility application.

Marin Vulic, EV IPM Motor Continuous Operation Loss Evaluation Based on Hysteresis Play Model, JMAG Users Conference 2021
High performance motors are designed with both peak and continuous performance as the highest priority. To achieve this, accurate loss calculation is required especially for continuous performance.

Daniel Keller, Efficiency Map Generation and Simulation of Dual Three-Phase PMSM, JMAG Users Conference 2020
A detailed view on efficiency maps and controllability of dual three-phase machines is spent to describe the special characteristics of this machine type. Based on the results, the author presents a typical use case for this topology.

Seunghwan Keum, Integrated Electromagnetics-Thermal Analysis of Electric Motor: Benefits and Pitfalls of Multi-Physics Modeling, JMAG Users Conference 2020
In this study, different levels of coupling between the electromagnetics and the thermal analysis are examined, from stand-alone thermal analysis to fully coupled two-way multi-physics analysis. Pros and cons of each coupling methods are summarized.

Jihyun Kim, Motor Loss Calculation under PWM Switching, JMAG Users Conference 2020
This presentation suggests that PWM consideration is essential to predict motor loss precisely.

Hideto Hanada, Initiatives in Toyota Vehicle Electrification and Developing Electrified Vehicles: Anticipating JMAG’s Support in the Development of Electrified Vehicles, JMAG Users Conference 2019
We will introduce TOYOTA’s approach to electrification that requires immediate action and the history of electrified vehicle development so far. Both JMAG applied case studies within development and future expectations for JMAG are indicated also.

Shingo Soma, How to Leverage JMAG-RT for MBD and Its Prospects, JMAG Users Conference 2020
In this session, We introduce the merit of simulation with JMAG-RT for developing motor and motor control, which developing with Invertor.

David Philipp Morisco, Enhanced 3D Finite Element Analysis of AC Losses in the End-Winding Structure of Bar Wound Windings, JMAG Users Conference 2017
In this paper the end-winding strayfield is analyzed and the additional AC losses in the bar wound winding coils are presented and assessed. For this purpose, enhanced 3-D finite element models, including the complex end-winding geometry, are computed on a parallel distributed high performance computing system.

David Philipp Morisco, Application of Machine Learning and Enhanced 3D Modeling on HPC Systems for End-Winding AC Loss Model Identification, JMAG Users Conference 2018
This paper presents a method to combine basic machine learning approaches with highly complex 3D modeling and parallel solving using HPC systems for ac loss model identification.

Stephan Guenther, Analysis of the Electromagnetic NVH of Electrical Machines, JMAG Users Conference 2018
The presentation deals with the electromagnetic NVH of electrical machines for electric vehicle application.

Mehdi Mehrgou, Electric Noise in Cars from Inverter Current to Noise, JMAG Users Conference 2019
This paper shows first how this tonal noise can be simulated and show the comparison to measurement. Then it shows the effect of current on NVH and the method used by JMAG to simulate the current harmonics.

Tomoya Ueda, Application of Automation of Design Utilizing Optimization to Traction Motor, JMAG Users Conference 2021
In this presentation, the author introduce utilization example of range finder and power simulation licenses for traction motor design.

Masako Shibamori, JMAG & GT-SUITE Link for EV Traction Motor 1D Thermal Analysis, JMAG Users Conference 2020
In this presentation, we introduce a case study of estimating the transition of temperature during continuous motor drive in a 1D thermal analysis via the coupling between JMAG and GT-SUITE.

Yuki Kurokawa, Analysis of Magnet Clutch Motion Considering Rotation and Translation of Mover, JMAG Users Conference 2019
In this presentation, we will report on the results of an analysis that accurately reproduces the characteristics of the suction behavior of a real electromagnetic clutch by coupling magnetic field analysis of its electromagnetic clutch in JMAG and translational and rotational motion equations produced in Simulink.

Daniel Csapo, Automated electric-machine design workflow in the cloud for aviation applications, JMAG Users Conference 2019
In this presentation I’m going to give an insight into the design process of this workflow, highlighting how JMAG helps to achieve our goals and also a live cloud demonstration will be included.

Zoltan Nadudvari, Agile electrical machine development for hybrid electric Aircraft, JMAG Users Conference 2019
In this presentation a use case of a hybrid- electric 4-seater aircraft (H3PS project) electrical drive system and an electric starter motor/generator will be introduced.

Mitsuru Shimagaki, Electromagnetic Excitation Force Generated on High Power Density High Rotation SPM Motor Rotor of Rocket Engine Propellant Supply Electric Pump, JMAG Users Conference 2019
In this research, it aims at grasping the behavior of electromagnetic force by the analysis which considered the whirling movement supposing pump fluid force.


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