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  1. Practical Power Circuit Design of Power Electronics Equipment and Analysis Evaluation of Power Inductors

    Tatsuya Hosotani, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

  2. Study of Optimum IH Coil Design for the Improved Induction Hardening Pattern

    Masaomi Kawabe, TAKAO KOGYO Co.,Ltd.

  3. JMAG Analysis of Spot Induction Heating to Design a Soldering Head

    Takeshi Usuda, S-FINX Technologies

  4. Initiatives in Engineer Education Focusing on Magnetic Field Analysis at Miki Pulley Co., Ltd.

    Shigeyuki Hattori, MIKI PULLEY Co.,Ltd.

    • Motor Efficiency Improvement Toward New Energy Vehicle Drive Cycle based on Multi-objective Optimization Algorithm

      Xiangrui Yin, China FAW Group Co.,Ltd

    • Induction Motor Noise Reduction using JMAG

      AMMAR Aymen, JEUMONT Electric

    • The Value of Magnetic FEA Simulation in Magnetic Sensing Applications

      Eduardo Montalvo, Coto Technology

    • Electromagnetic Field Analysis of AB Phases and Z Phase Magnetic Interference in a Magnetic Encoder

      Koji Kokue, Tamagawa-seiki Co.,Ltd.

    • Design of Electric Machine for Electric Aircraft Using Power Simulation License

      Hiroshi Mitsuda, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

    • Comparison of Axial Gap Motor with SMC Between Analysis and Experimental

      Tatsuya Saito, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

    • Improvement of Calculation Model on Induction Motors

      Daisuke Sato, Nagaoka Motor Development Co., Ltd.

    • Motor HILS RT-LAB with JMAG-RT

      Akihiro Takiya, NEAT Co., Ltd.

    • Torsional Vibration Analysis of an Electric-Drive Powertrain Via System Simulations with Simcenter Amesim and JMAG-RT

      Florent Pasteur / Damien Aguilera / Gabriel Autefage, Siemens Digital Industry Software

    • A Multidisciplinary Approach to Integrated Motor Modeling using GT-SUITE and JMAG

      Jonathan Zeman, Gamma Technologies, LLC

    • Improvement of IPM Motor Performance by Applying the New Si Gradient Steel Sheet “JNRF”

      Yoshiaki Zaizen, JFE Steel Corporation

    • FUJITSU Supercomputer PRIMEHPC FX1000 / FX700 and progress of JMAG porting on PRIMEHPC

      Hiroyuki Kanazawa, FUJITSU LIMITED

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