Time Harmonic Magnetic (2D/3D)

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  1. [JFT046] Analysis Group Inheritance Using an Analysis Template

    In this document, how to set analysis groups using an analysis template is explained.

  2. [JFT014] Physical Amount Calculation for Any Cross Section

    This document shows how to define any cross section, using that defined cross section and settings to calculate physical amounts, and how to confirm results.

    • [JAC203] No-Load Test Analysis of Power Transformer

      This example focuses on modeling in the analysis of no-load tests in JMAG and obtains the magnetic flux line, current, excitation conductance, and excitation susceptance that can …

    • [JFT101] Condition Settings Using the Response Values of Other Studies

      This document explains the procedure of referencing the analysis results of other studies, and using those as input values for calculations in further analyses.

    • [JAC278] Creating Six-Phase Induction Motor Efficiency Maps

      In this example, a six-phase induction motor efficiency map is created in the concept design stage, and each operating point slip and iron loss are evaluated.

    • [JAC224] Wireless Power Transfer Device Stray Loss Analysis

      In this example, an example is presented investigating by using electromagnetic field analysis whether stray loss can be suppressed using an aluminum shield.

    • [JAC233] Induction Heating Coil Optimization

      In this example, an example of using an optimization function to design a coil to use for induction hardening a gear is presented.

    • [JAC217] Creating Efficiency Maps for 3-Phase Induction Motors

      In this example, the use of JMAG-RT Viewer to create efficiency maps for three-phase induction motors when drive temperatures change.

    • [JAC227] Circuit Control Simulation for Three-Phase Induction Motor

      In this example, we conduct a circuit simulation to control current and speed by incorporating the JMAG-RT model of an induction motor into the control/circuit simulator.

    • [JAC113] Power Transmission Analysis of a Wireless Power Transfer System with Opposing Cores

      This Application Note presents how to obtain the power transmission efficiency when the feeder wire’s position is moved in both the horizontal and vertical directions from a refer…

    • [JAC032] Analysis of a Transformer

      In this example, the use of a magnetic field analysis to evaluate changes in the secondary voltage caused by load variations in a low frequency transformer.

    • [RTML-038] IM Constant rating 10(kW)

      Type: IM | Max Power: 10k | Stator(Outside Diameter): 500(mm) | Height: 300(mm) | Voltage/Current: DC500(V)/250(A) | Rotor/Mover: Cage

    • [RTML-037] IM Constant rating 1(kW)

      Type: IM | Max Power: 1k | Stator(Outside Diameter): 134(mm) | Height: 42(mm) | Voltage/Current: DC100(V)/5(A) | Rotor/Mover: Cage

    • The Need for Large-Scale Calculations in Induction Heating

      Ayaka Nakata, KOYO THERMO SYSTEMS CO.,LTD.

    • Practical Power Circuit Design of Power Electronics Equipment and Analysis Evaluation of Power Inductors

      Tatsuya Hosotani, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    • JMAG Analysis of Spot Induction Heating to Design a Soldering Head

      Takeshi Usuda, S-FINX Technologies

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