IPM Motor Efficiency Evaluation and Real Machine Verification with 1D – 3D Simulations

Ryosuke Akaki
SUZUKI Motor Corporation


There is an active amount of research and development dedicated to the electrified vehicles, such as HEV and EV.
Drive motors for vehicles require a high degree of efficiency in a wide range of operations; this includes low to mid-speeds in urban environments as well as higher speeds on highways, which is why there is a need to both evaluate and improve efficiency for all possible drive regions. It is already known that motor losses can increase from the influence of control systems and inverters, and insofar as motor structure, it has been pointed out that eddy current loss increases at high rotation speeds in recently adopted rectangular wire coils. For that reason, methods of linking various technologies with control circuit simulations and using detailed 3D motor calculations are indispensable when it comes to predicting vehicle drive motor loss and efficiency.
This report outlines an investigation where waveforms of actual drive conditions are derived using linked analysis with 1D plant models and 3DFEA models. Those current waveforms are then input into a detailed 3D model, and efficiency is evaluated.
Predicting this efficiency is carried out simultaneously with a real machine and compared with simulations.

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