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“Brush up on Motor Design!” Vol.26 has been released!

“Brush up on Motor Design!” by Prof. Miller, an authority on motor design is available on our website.
From beginners in motor design to experts in design and analysis, this content can be of reference to everyone.

The following webinars have been published this month.
You can view it not only in English but also in many languages!

[Vol.026] Slots and Poles – I

In this 26th seminar, we will check the number of slots and poles focusing on the PM brushless motor. The waveforms of motor characteristics such as flux linkage, EMF, current, torque and terminal voltage are strongly influenced by the number of slots and poles as well as the ratio of slot per pole. In this video we will check how the numbers of slots and poles affect the layout of the windings.
In the next video we will consider the coil span and look closer at the number of poles.

You can also make inquiries to Prof. Miller if you have any questions. There is a comment form at the bottom of each seminar page.
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The 53th KIEE Summer Conference 2022

EMDYNE, JMAG’s distributor in Korea, will be exhibiting at “The 53th KIEE Summer Conference 2022”.

Dates: 13-16 July 2022 (Exhibition 14-15 July)
Location: Yeosu EXPO convention

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