Electric Drives for Off-Road Mobile Equipment

Jim Shoemaker
Mgr, Vehicle Electrification Technologies
Advanced Product Technology, John Deere
/ Bhupesh Agrawal
Senior Lead Engineer, Engineering Services
John Deere Technology Center, India


The presentation will discuss the electric drive needs of off road mobile equipment. The duty cycle, continuous power density, operating environment, and required life for off road equipment is quite different from automotive expectations. Virtual Modeling and verification of electric drives is now gaining importance with increasing focus on Analysis led Design. Virtual models can be first used to test variations of electric machine geometry against performance requirements. Because the model is virtual it also allows testing machines to their design limits or even beyond without physical damage, to understand peak capability, and the impact that electric drives can have on efficiency and performance. Virtual design provides the opportunity for the designer to formulate problems in a systematic way and optimize through multiple design iterations.


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