The Role of JMAG on Powertrain Development

Albert Li
Motor Team, Powertrain Department, Gogoro Inc.


In this presentation, we will introduce the powertrain on electrical scooter and the key concepts of powertrain development. We also explain how JMAG help us to design a motor from magnetic design to control algorithm by one of our motor design case.
Gogoro is one of the most famous E-scooter brands in the world and from the first announce of Smart Scooter at 2015 we have successfully developed at least three models of scooter. In order to adapt to the rapid product development cycle and reduce the risk of design failure, it’s an usual way using CAE software to help us design products. Gogoro got a complete procedure of motor design to evaluate the performance of motor efficiently in early stage.
The traction motor of E-scooter needs high power density and high efficiency to satisfy scooter performance and cooling requirement due to shape and volume limitation. We can design motor and the controller algorithm by using JMAG, including optimizing the shape of rotor, stator and magnet, analyzing the loss of each part of motor in different condition, satisfying the requirement of torque and speed, designing current controller and position estimator.
Finally, we will introduce the motor design procedure of Gogoro by a case of a 250W motor design.


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