Agile Electrical Machine Development for Hybrid Electric Aircraft

Zoltán Nádudvari
ELM, Rolls-Royce Electric Hungary Kft


Electric and hybrid-electric aviation is a new and disruptive market. In the last 4 years many demonstrator projects showed high potential for the electrification of aircraft which can ensure a sustainable aviation industry in the future. From the electrical machine point of view this application requires high power density, compact size and high efficiency. On the other hand, to achieve the best system-to-weight ratio the other parameters of the components (e.g. Battery, power electronics) of the drive system must be considered as a design boundary for the electrical machine. On the component level, to achieve a high-power density and high efficiency the thermal and structural behavior must be investigated, thus multi physics simulation (Digital Twin or simulation twin) is key for agile development. JMAG is capable of run coupled simulation with Siemens PLM software and this feature of JMAG could lead to an agile electrical machine development. The capability of direct and indirect coupled simulation with MATLAB Simulink can speed up the development of the power electronics and system control and make the possibility to obtain a better understanding about or system before it is built and tested using the leverage provided by Hardware in the Loop (HIL) simulations. In this presentation a use case of a hybrid- electric 4-seater aircraft (H3PS project) electrical drive system and an electric starter motor/generator will be introduced.


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