Implementing JMAG

Gaining Market Share by using JMAG to Support Customers

The Nidec Sankyo Corporation handles a wide range of products from robots to micro stepping motors. The Nidec Sankyo Corporation's products hold a share in the aggressive world market by providing products quickly to customers from the first contact of the sales team to the delivery of the product. JMAG, simulation technology for electromechanical design, supports the speed as well as the development and design of their products. Kiyoshi Miyazaki, Vice President of the Research & Development Headquarters, Tsuneo Sato, Assistant Manager of Research & Development, and Toshifumi Tsuruta, Assistant Manager of Research & Development, discuss their strategies for gaining a larger share of the world market, the merits of implementing JMAG, and the ways they utilize JMAG analyses.

Vice President and
Research & Development HQ
Mr.Kiyoshi Miyazaki

Assistant Manager
Research & Development
Nagano Technical Laboratory
Mr.Tsuneo Sato

Assistant Manager
Research & Development
Nagano Technical Laboratory
Mr.Toshifumi Tsuruta

Securing a Share of the Dynamic Motor Market

- Could you outline your revenue for us?

Mr. Miyazaki Our company handles a wide range of products with a keyword of motion. Within that scope, we are focused on actuators. We work with a lot of electromagnetic systems such as the design, development, and manufacturing of very tiny actuators that move camera lenses. Magnetic simulations play a crucial role in supporting this product development.
Currently, the fluctuations in the market are intense and a lot is changing, but the ratio of our entire revenue is roughly 30% of products related to system devices and 70% parts and units. We are quickly gaining a larger share for lens actuators of digital cameras and cell phones, and we are proud to hold 60% of the market share for actuators utilized in video camera lenses. When we decide to expand the range of our products, we don't aim for a small portion of the market share, we aim for the top.

- What is the trick to gaining a larger share of the market?

Mr. Miyazaki When a customer comes to us about something they need, we provide a product that exceeds their expectations faster than our competitors can. We receive 80% to 90% of our custome's orders by aiming to meet their demands more quickly than our competitors.
We also maintain our market share by striving to be the best in our area of expertise. The entire Nidec Sankyo Corporation is especially focused on themes for all of our products. One is energy conservation. Energy conservation and ecology, such as liquid crystals and solar energy, are fundamental to all our products, even our white goods and utilities. Second is miniaturization. We focus on smaller and lighter products that can generate added-value. Reducing the amount of materials used for a product is related to energy conservation, which in turn increases the value of our products. Third is half the price. We reduce the current price of the product by half. These three themes are incorporated in all our new markets and products to help us meet the needs of our customers.


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