Implementing JMAG

- What is the cost-effectiveness of implementing JMAG?

Mr. Tsuruta It is difficult to give you a specific figure for the cost-effectiveness of implementing JMAG, but the cost of building one prototype is quite expensive. Normally, we would have to build several prototypes to develop a product, but, by using JMAG, we only need to build one.We have been able to reduce at least the cost required to build several prototypes.

Mr. Miyazaki Even with the cost-effectiveness, as the world advances, our customers will no longer consider any proposal that has not been investigated thoroughly through simulation. In other words, you can't even step into the ring without using these simulations. The cost-effectiveness is important, but without this technology a sale can't be made. We wouldn't be able to proposal any type of product to our customers. For that reason, CAE is becoming a standardized tool. For instance, we can either approach a customer in a week with a prototype for a proposal, or we can approach them with our experience and a proposal that has been simulated. But, a prototype cannot be built in a week and even if we were able to build one in a month, by the time we took it to the customer, they would have already placed an order with the competitor that proposed a product in that first week. There would be no way to compete. The computer won't design the product for you, so the engineers use their cumulative experience and JMAG as a tool, and then those results are provided to the customer.

Magnetic flux density distribution

Electromagnetic force of the stroke for the rotor

Rotor stroke versus coil current


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