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  1. [RTML-001] PMSM/IPM Constant rating 1000(W) 3-phase

    Type: PMSM | Max Power: 1k | Stator(Outside Diameter): 54(mm) | Height: 51(mm) | Voltage/Current: DC100(V)/20(A) | Rotor/Mover: IPM(Vshaped) | Average torque(N·m): 3.6

  2. [RTML-047] PMSM/IPM Constant rating 75(kW) 3-phase

    Type: PMSM | Power: 75(kW) | Stator(Outside Diameter): 212(mm) | Height: 200(mm) | Voltage/Current: DC600(V)/250(A) | Rotor/Mover: IPM

  3. JMAG & GT-SUITE Link for EV Traction Motor 1D Thermal Analysis

    Masako Shibamori, AISIN SEIKI CO., LTD.

  4. How to Leverage JMAG-RT for MBD and Its Prospects

    Shingo Soma, Honda Motor Co., Ltd

  5. Efficiency Map Generation and Simulation of Dual Three-Phase PMSM

    Daniel Keller, Mercedes Benz AG

  6. Motor HILS RT-LAB with JMAG-RT

    Akihiro Takiya, NEAT Co., Ltd.

  7. Torsional Vibration Analysis of an Electric-Drive Powertrain Via System Simulations with Simcenter Amesim and JMAG-RT

    Florent Pasteur / Damien Aguilera / Gabriel Autefage, Siemens Digital Industry Software

  8. Realtime simulation of JMAG motor model by dSPACE SCALEXIO HIL system

    Satoshi Ohdan, dSPACE Japan K.K

  9. Ultra-high Fidelity Hardware in the Loop (HIL) Simulation for EV Motor Drives with Seamless Integration with JMAG-RT

    Petar Gartner/Ivan Celanovic, Typhoon HIL, Inc

  10. RecurDyn Dynamic Simulation of Drivetrain System with Electric Motors

    June Seo, FunctionBay, Inc

  11. Motor Control Development Tools Work with JMAG

    YAMAGISHI Kan, Myway Plus Corporation

  12. [RTML-031] PMSM/IPM Constant rating 100(kW) 3-phase

    Type: PMSM | Max Power: 100k | Stator(Outside Diameter): 400(mm) | Height: 63(mm) | Voltage/Current: DC500(V)/200(A) | Rotor/Mover: IPM(Vshaped) | Average torque(N·m): 177

  13. [JAC231] Vector Control Simulation of a Synchronous Reluctance Motor

    In this example, circuit simulation is carried out simulating the control of current and speed by loading a JMAG-RT model for a SynRM into a control/circuit simulator. In addition…

  14. [JAC230] 6-Phase SPM Motor Inverter Fault Simulation

    In this example, a JMAG-RT model of a 6-phase SPM is loaded into a control/circuit simulator, and circuit simulation for an inverter failure is carried out.

  15. Initiatives in Toyota Vehicle Electrification and Developing Electrified Vehicles: Anticipating JMAG’s Support in the Development of Electrified Vehic…


  16. Comprehensive System to Component xEV Simulation Using Gamma Technologies and JMAG

    Joe Wimmer, Gamma Technologies, LLC

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