Introducing JMAG-Designer Ver.21.2

7 Sep 2022 / Last modified at 17 Oct 2022

In September 2022, JMAG-Designer Ver. 21.2 was released.

JMAG-Designer Ver. 21.2 includes enhancements to thermal analysis, large scale models, and parametric analysis.

The enhanced thermal analysis functionality allows for efficient multidimensional evaluation of the magnetic and thermal design of motors. A new speed priority study for thermal analysis has been added so that the temperature history of coil and magnet components can be checked in a few seconds. Thermal resistance has been added to the setting method so that heat transfer boundary conditions can be set with design-related parameters such as contact conditions between components. Options were also added for heat transfer boundary conditions and convection cooling components so that the cooling effect of fins can be evaluated only by specifying parameters.

For large scale models, the coupled thermal and magnetic field analysis time has been shortened since Ver. 21.1. Improvements have been made to models that had difficulty benefiting from parallel computation, with many models running more than 60 times faster in 256 parallel than in non-parallel mode.

For parametric analyses with thousands or tens of thousands of cases, we provide tools to output input files at high speed. It is now possible to create an input file for 1,000 cases of a 2D model with 3,917 elements in one second.

We hope you will take advantage of the new JMAG.

What is JMAG-Designer Ver.21.2 ?

1. Speed Priority Study

Quickly assess the temperature of each motor component.

Multifaceted evaluation of motorsMultifaceted evaluation of motors

During the conceptual design process, to reduce the number of design iterations, the magnetic circuit characteristics are evaluated simultaneously with other physical phenomena such as a thermal analysis. In Ver.21.2, a fast preliminary thermal analysis was newly introduced. In this example, for a 20 steps calculation, from the calculation execution until the display of the result, required only motor component 7 seconds to complete.

2. Coupled Thermal and Magnetic Field Analysis Speed

More than 60 times faster thermomagnetic coupled analysis for a majority of models.

Speed Enhancement Ratio when cases are evaluated using a 256 parallelizationSpeed Enhancement Ratio when cases are evaluated using a 256 parallelization

When the ratio of non-parallel processing to the whole calculation was large, a satisfactory scaling speed improvement ratio with the number of parallel was difficult to obtain. In Ver.21.1, the non-parallel processing part was speeded up, and in Ver.21.2, the time required for starting and stopping the solver was reduced. The calculation time, where one single core step takes less than 10 (h), will see the most improvement from parallelization.

3. Input File Creation for Parametric Analysis

Reduced input file creation time in multiple cases.

Parametric analysis workflow and input file creation timeParametric analysis workflow and input file creation time

Ver.21.2 can prepare one input file and a table of design variable values in advance, and execute commands to create and calculate input files for many cases. For a 2D model of 3917 elements and an input file for 1,000 cases is created by command, this process was completed within 1 (sec).

The new functions and Features

For details, please see the following function introduction. (PDF, 849KB:  User authentication)

Introducing to new functions of JMAG-Designer Ver.21.2  



These are created using the functions in JMAG-Designer Ver.21.2 and later. Please feel free to use them.

Thermal analysis

Parametric Analysis

Module Download

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Video for Introducing the New Functions

A video complete with voice audio has been prepared to offer our users a better understanding of the new functions in JMAG-Designer Ver.21.2.

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