Introducing JMAG-Designer Ver.17.0

2017-12-28 / Last Updated:2018-01-16

JMAG-Designer Ver.17.0 will be released in December 2017.
JMAG-Designer Ver. 17.0 has implemented performance improvements for multi-case processing, optimization, and large-scale processing. A new type, the “Generic model” was added to JMAG-RT.
By all means please use the latest JMAG to smoothly carry out analysis work.

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Key Features in JMAG-Designer Ver.17.0

Multi-Case, Optimization

Evaluation of a design needs to capture not only specific characteristics but also characteristics of the entire actual operating range. Therefore, multi-case processing is necessary. Multi-case processing is also necessary when performing optimizations over a wide area.
Distributed processing is effective for multi-case processing. The main improvement in Ver.17.0 is the time reduction of distributed processing.

Reduction of distributed processing execution times
  • Processing time has been shortened by distributed processing during post-processing. Furthermore, since files are transferred after distribution values have been deleted, the time required for distributed processing has been shortened.
Robust geometry modification
  • Adjustment and update of the range of CAD parameters has been automated, which can reduce the burden on the user.
Post-settings before processing
  • In Ver.17.0 result items can be added and set in the tree regardless of the presence or absence of the analysis result.
  • Pre-processing is no longer required for setting response values for optimization.

Large-Scale Processing

Large-scale models are used for detailed analysis such as for eddy currents in coils and stray loss generated in the surrounding structural material.
Execution of large-scale models in a short time can be carried out due to improvements in the MPP solver and the time periodic explicit error correction function. Moreover, by improving the control of automatic meshing, accuracy and convergence can be improved.

Domain decomposition method MPP solver official release
  • Full support of magnetic analysis / coupling analysis functions.
  • With 128 parallel processes, speed is increased more than 30 fold.
Expansion in coverage of the time periodic explicit error correction function
  • The amount of memory used is drastically reduced, and the function can also be applied to large-scale models.
  • Restrictions on combination with other functions such as restart have been resolved.
Robust ICCG convergence determination method
  • A new convergence determination method was added to the ICCG methods.
  • An appropriate convergence determination value is automatically set.
Mesh generation method for each part
  • It is now possible to generate an appropriate mesh for each part depending on the objective, such as reducing the number of elements or improving the mesh quality.
Improvement of air element size control
  • It is possible to increase the mesh resolution of an air region locally.
Increased success rate of extruded mesh generation
  • Mesh generation success rates were improved for extruded mesh in models that include 3D shapes such as skews and fillets.
Improved speeds when creating models with multiple parts
  • The processing speed for geometry creation and modification using Geometry Editor for models with multiple parts has been increased.


FEA-based high-fidelity plant models with arbitrary circuit topologies can be used in circuit simulations.

Support for user-defined models
  • A new “Generic model” type was added.
  • JMAG-RT models can be generated for user-defined circuits (multiphase coils and coil connections).


These are created using the functions in JMAG-Designer Ver.17.0 and later. Please feel free to use them.

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