Introducing JMAG-Designer Ver.22.1

22 May 2023

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In May 2023, JMAG-Designer Ver. 22.1 was released.

Ver. 22.1 significantly improves JMAG-Express so that a wider range of motor performance evaluations can be performed at high speed. In addition, WFSM has been added to the lineup of efficiency maps that are essential for evaluating motor efficiency. Improvements are not limited to motors. We have improved the calculation speed and post-processing usability of many case calculations, which are the prerequisites for optimization and parameter studies. Here we pick up some of those improvements and introduce them to you.

Multiphysics evaluations can now be performed using JMAG-Express. Just by entering motor specifications, efficiency maps, component temperatures, and maximum stresses can be evaluated. Temperature evaluation can now take driving mode into account, allowing evaluation of specific part temperatures when driving in WLTC mode.

Efficiency maps for WFSM can be created. Efficiency maps and field current maps can be drawn by specifying the armature current amplitude and phase, rotation speed, and field current range.

Results can be checked promptly after many case calculations are completed. A function to read only response values after calculation has been added. Using this function, reading the results of optimization calculations for 20,000 cases can be completed in about 2 seconds, and the response graph and correlation matrix can be checked.

The parallel calculation speed for magnetic field analysis of middle size models with about 500,000 elements has been improved. A good speed-up ratio can be obtained even at high parallelism. As a result, for a model with a calculation time of over 5 minutes per non-parallel step, the 512 parallel speedup averages 136 times faster than the non-parallel case.

We hope you will take advantage of the new JMAG.

What is JMAG-Designer Ver.22.1 ?

1. JMAG-Express; Multiphysics Evaluation

Multiphysics evaluation by single run.

Multiphysics evaluation by JMAG-ExpressMultiphysics evaluation by JMAG-Express

Only by input of motor specification, evaluation of motor performance can be done for magnetics, structure, thermal, efficiency map, history of average temperature and maximum stress. In addition, multiple design alternatives can be compared on a single screen.


Video for Introducing the Functions

2. Extension of Existing Scenario Driving Mode

Evaluation of history of temperature considering loss during driving mode.

Temperature for specific parts during WLTC driving modeTemperature for specific parts during WLTC driving mode

Showed history of vehicle speed and temperature during WLTC driving mode. Temperatures rise by 5 deg C in the magnet and by 35 deg C in the coils after the mode is run.


3. Efficiency Map (Speed Priority Mode) Wound Filed Synchronous Motor

Fast evaluation of performance over a wide operating range.

Analysis of efficiency map for WFSMAnalysis of efficiency map for WFSM

The efficiency map shows maximum torque of 280Nm, maximum rotation speed over 10,000rpm, maximum efficiency between 2,000~6,000rpm. The field current map shows approximately 20~40A of the field current in the region of 95% maximum efficiency.

Video for Introducing the Functions

4. Importing Results of Response Table

Fast checking of response graph and correlation matrix after massive calculations.

Importing time of response table and analysis featureImporting time of response table and analysis feature

After optimization with 20,000 cases, importing the result files for all cases takes time, but if importing only the response value table, the process can be completed in a few seconds. The relationship between variables can be grasped using response graphs and correlation matrices.

Video for Introducing the Functions

5. Speed-up of Magnetics (Parallel processing)

Scalability of parallel processing for middle size models.

Comparison of speed-up ratio for 0.5million elements modelsComparison of speed-up ratio for 0.5million elements models

Averaged calculation times for cases grouped by calculation time per step are shown. The speed-up ratio increase with the step calculation time.

The new functions and Features

For details, please see the following function introduction. (PDF, 1.08MB:  User authentication)

Introducing to new functions of JMAG-Designer Ver.22.1 


These are created using the functions in JMAG-Designer Ver.22.1 and later. Please feel free to use them.

Massive Case Calculations


Motor Design(JMAG-Express)

Motor Design (Efficiency Map)

Motor Design (Circuit and Control)

Motor Design (Multiphysics)

Module Download

The latest version of JMAG modules are available.
In addition, version information, release notes, manuals, etc. can be used. ( User authentication)

Module Download 

Video for Introducing the New Functions

A video complete with voice audio has been prepared to offer our users a better understanding of the new functions in JMAG-Designer Ver.22.1.

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