Introducing JMAG-Designer Ver.18.0

2019-02-01 / Last Updated:2019-02-28

Feb 2019 JMAG-Designer Ver.18.0 has been released.
This new version of JMAG-Designer will provide many new functions, with improved usability and calculation accuracy. Please enjoy taking full advantage of it.

Please notify JMAG support concerning unclear points, impressions, requests, etc.

What is JMAG-Designer Version 18.0 ?

Please refer to the following version update documents for details.
Clicking these items will display additional subsections with links to other detailed material, such as function tutorials, and more.
Users are encouraged to use of a variety of these resources.


For details, please see the following function introduction (PDF with user authentication).
Introducing to new functions of JMAG-Designer Ver.18.0 (icon-file PDF, 2.51MB)

JMAG-Designer Ver.18.0 Download Site and Tutorials

Module download

Function Tutorial

Addition of the JMAG Application Note

These are created using the functions in JMAG-Designer Ver.17.0 and later.
Model data is included. Please feel free to use them.

Video for Introducing the New Functions of JMAG-Designer Ver.18.0

A video complete with voice audio has been prepared to offer our users a better understanding of the new functions in JMAG-Designer Ver.18.0.
This is a lecture that can be attended via internet in your own time and for as many times as required.

Click the below to attend this lecture free of charge. JMAG WEB MEMBER (Free membership)
Video for Introducing the New Functions of JMAG-Designer Ver.18.0

Introducing JMAG-Designer Ver.17.0 – Ver.23.1

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